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For the individual investor, making prudent investment decisions in today's volatile economic environment can be a very confusing and complicated process. There seems to be no end to the alternatives, opinions and statistics available. In judging investment alternatives, the most important elements of the process are often overlooked: defining investment goals and risk tolerance and finding an advisor that you can comfortably work with and trust.

At Hallmark Capital Management, we have experience helping our clients define their risk tolerance and establish appropriate investment guidelines for their portfolios.

The Individual Investor typically looks for:

  • Personalized attention and portfolios tailored to their needs
  • Ability to customize guidelines for the management of their portfolio
  • Investment allocation decisions across separate taxable and non-taxable portfolios
  • Investment discretion in the hands of their manager, but with latitude to exclude certain industries or companies
  • Low volatility
  • Growth of principal and income over time
  • Regular communication regarding their portfolios

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